‘topkeen topkeen’ is the reason why we exist

People are fundamentals, people are capitals, and people are essentials. By Fresh and Unique Perspective, dare to the world and contribute people.

Our assets are Perspective and Idea under the limited others. Then “people” create it. “People” create ideas and make people happy in this world.

topkeen topkeen The reason our company exist. Keen ideas. Unique perspective is our merit. Asking ourselves at all times if our proposals have a competitive value such as no one can do. Paradigm shift. This word is created from a word meaning the sharpest edge in Nagoya city, in central Japan, dialect and we work in this mind consistently. no limits now lead With higher motivation, challenging to yourself, be creative to work with fun.No limits now lead is not only fun work but also mainly, yourself. To have independent character and ownership.Emotion. Access success Work speedy but do not push yourself, at ease. Cool and efficient. Astuteness is important. Small association is the best, being compact. Prioritize. Remain the main Link. Persistence. Continuation to next generation with gratitude. Not only one. Rearing persons. Give what you received from the last to next generation. Real sustainability.